Model trucks in Scale 1/24
My name is Jacco and I was born in 1966. I live together with my girlfriend Ilse and our daughter Meike in Maasbree, The Netherlands. like many people I began modelling in my younger years, starting when I was about 8 years old. First I built planes, boats and cars. Early in my youth I knew I wanted to be a truck driver and my interests were more and more into trucks. I never became a truck driver, but nowadays I am on the road the whole day. My first truck was the AMT Peterbilt Budweiser which I built in the kitchen with my father in a few hours. This was followed by other US trucks, then the Italeri Scania H142. Every model that followed, I added to my collection. At first I built out of the box, but later I changed or modified things, and I got the courage to cut the chassis. I was pleased when the Scania Torpedo from Blondie was published in the Dutch Truckstar from december 1993.

And my Terberg F1350 was published in the English magazine 'Truck Model World' (september 1993) at the 'Readers' Models'-page.

I have built trucks in commission, but You don't have the so called 'modellers license'. And most of time there is a deadline. No, I rather built trucks I like (so many ideas and plans to do...). Modelling stood still for about twenty years. In that time I built and repeared computers and unlocked cellphones. In 2009 I visited the International Modelshow at Jabbeke, Belgium. I was looking forward to build again when I came home. I bought a Scania R620 and started to build, with a Photoshopped picture as a refence.

 Photoshop     Real model

When I took part at the modelshow at Jabbeke in 2010, I got so many good comments. From that time I'm building trucks again with passion for modelling!!!

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